Gulf Coast Precast, Inc. (GCP) is a local manufacturer and installer of precast concrete floor and roof panels as well as precast concrete stairs. We have an annual production capacity of approximately 1,000,000 square feet per year.

Panel sizes are as follows:

8" x 48" quad tee floor plank capable of spanning approximately 35 feet.

8" x 48" quad tee roof plank capable of spanning approximately 39 feet..

4" x 96" wide floor plank capable of spanning approximately 18 feet.

5" x 96" wide floor plank capable of spanning approximately 25 feet.

See our Quad Tee Detail page for the cross section of the plank we manufacture. The design is such that the voids at the bottom will easily accommodate some mechanical trades (if needed) and can be stripped and drywalled the same as hollowcore plank.

The plank ends come pre-installed with void dams so all bearing ends and party walls can be poured solid with concrete at the same time as the perimeter and topping pour. The 8" plank has a standard 1 hour fire rating with a 2 hour rating easily achievable.

Gulf Coast Precast concrete stairs conform to the Life Safety Code. Stair flights are available from a 3 tread and riser length up to a 20 tread and riser length. The riser height is 7" and the tread depth is 11". Stairs are available in widths of 3'-0", 3'-6", 3'-8", 3'-11", and 4'-6".

Gulf Coast Precast utilizes steel forms in casting its products. This allows for a very high degree of control over product dimensions, i.e.: thickness, width and length. Utilizing steel forms also allows for enhanced product finishes in both appearance and consistency.

Gulf Coast Precast will work diligently with architects, engineers, contractors, and developers to ensure a timely delivery, competitive pricing, a complete job and full support, with a strong commitment to details and quality assurance.

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